Snotra is situated in Þykkvibær - one of the oldest villages in Iceland. It‘s area is famous for potato plantations, fishing areas and amazing black beach. House is surrounded by farms, and endless fields with a stunning wiev of the volcanos and glaciers.

To try some regional food we recommend neighbors restaurant in Hotel VOS.
Closest shop is just 20 minutes drive away in Hella town.

A stunning 15-minute long detour from the ring road no.1, that lets you hop in back on track as soon as possible!

Snotra House
Ásvegi 3 
851 Hella (Þykkvabær)


GPS coordinates: 63°44’42.5″N 20°36’33.2″W

Snotra House

Black beach (3 min drive)
Ægissíðufoss (12 min drive)
Saga Center Hvolsvöllur (25 min drive)
Lava Centre Hvolsvöllur (25 min drive)
Skeiðvellir Horse Rental (28 min drive)
Keldur Turf House (33 min drive)
Seljalandsfoss (40 min drive)
Secret Lagoon (50 min drive)
Golden Circle (60 min drive)